With years of researching real-world complex vehicle and logistics routing problems during graduate school and also collaborating with established logistic companies, a realization occurred to me that there are so many resources wasted and along with other deficiencies, no matter the size of the corporation. As a scholar, engineer, and a logistics professional, I thought why not provide an unconventional solution to throw away these inefficient practices and habits?

Thus, LogaRout was created. LogaRout is a cloud-based platform, a flexible, robust, and configurable dynamic routing and scheduling software product which can maximize fleet or mobile resource utilization and efficiency. Both in the short-term and long-term, LogaRout will further reduce fuel and overall fleet operation costs, as well as enhance customer satisfaction whether you manage your own in-house fleet, use agency drivers or outsource to a 3PL partner.

As one of the many benefits, a cloud-based platform has, LogaRout will be an affordable and compelling option for the small business to abandon the ad-hoc way, manually planning while providing another alternative for the huge corporations other than the expensive legacy software.

In a now big data era and smart-phone based culture, take advantage of real-time operations data that can be further analyzed to better handle the operations as well as increase profits. Those are the great points we failed to find in the in-house logistics software and great reasons LogaRout was created.