LogaRout Analyzer is a professional analytics service comprising of evaluations of your operations that will be integrated to be fully aligned with your current business KPI and logistics needs, and as your organization grows. This module goes beyond typical analysis where we will work with you to provide envisioning, support, and looking at redesigning logistics solution along the way. This is a lead generation service which supplements your strategic planning decisions with the data to potentially save costs and improve efficiency. The comprehensive analytics service is available within a single customizable dashboard.

Key Performance Indicator
  • System service level

  • On-time-ness

  • Fleet management, e.g. wasted fuel, extra miles driven

  • Risky driver - hard stop; jackrabbit start

  • Others

Reporting and Analysis for Business Decision
  • Demand analysis

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Scenario simulation

  • Facility selection

  • ​Others

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