Our LogaRout broker matches up with the community resources in LogaRout marketplace - logistics pool and intelligently negotiate with both supply and demand parties to help create a win-win case so every TEAM members can become flexible to handle all high and low demand scenarios. In other words, a strategic alliance system is created for system equilibrium so your underutilized resources and capacities can create additional income for you while you can access other trusted team member’s resources for the demands surpasses your in-house resource.   

How does the LogaRout Broker work? LogaRout Broker manages our logistics marketplace and stores logistics resource pool for all and only the LogaRout TEAM members. By joining the LogaRout TEAM, you’ll have access to the additional resources from other team members, and our Broker is the crucial part to assist you to negotiate with other parties. Are your resources underutilized during specific seasons? Then open those available resources up to the LogaRout Broker and turn your unused capacity into profit!

We would hope that by sharing the logistics resources with trusted parties, the whole logistics system can be optimized so the underutilized resource can be productively reallocated.  

A small example is provided to elaborate our idea, with the fluctuation of the demands, in order to maintain a good service level, most of the logistics companies have to retain a fleet of vehicles with a fixed high capacity and sometimes hire freelancers or small livery service companies to fill up the inadequate capacity. Once you are a member of LogaRout TEAM, the broker will help you find unused resources in our pool for tiding you over the shortage, and you can also share your overabundant capacity to others in return of some extra revenues. Then, you will also need to reevaluate where the well-suited capacity level you need to keep.

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