LogaRout Planner is a state-of-art module providing integrated vehicle routing, loading, and scheduling system for optimizing your distribution operations. The module will also take your order data, your resources – vehicle composition, drivers, depots – to compose a plan that maximizes utilization for deliveries (or collections) as well as enhancing the service level and further customer satisfaction. The LogaRout Planner includes general dispatching functionality such as setting pickup and delivery, time-windows, and multiple depots. The module also incorporates a robust set of unique functionalities and features researched and developed by the LogaRout logistics professional team.

Multiple Drivers

A customer can be served with multiple visits for a large amount of transportation needs.

Refueling Optimization

Routing for the most efficient refueling location within a route such that delivery schedules are not disrupted, and resources are maximized.

Multiple Time Period Optimization

The complexities of optimizing multiple routes of one vehicle during a shift are a problem of the past.

Navigation Details

Turn-by-Turn navigation is provided for the most optimal route as well as the accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Real-Time Traffic

Always be aware of existing and even future traffic conditions to minimize costly surprises.  

Parcel Delivery
Multiple Component Vehicles
Interface Customization

Various import/export formats facilitate integration to your internal systems.

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