LogaRout Watcher is a fleet management module that provides live streaming information in order for you operators to obtain real-time status and location information.  When using this module, you will have more control to enhance operations and customer service with better accuracy during deliveries or pick-ups.


The operator can take any of the dynamic information that LogaRout provides to make the best on-route decision or any other necessary adjustments to ensure customers are provided with service.

Examples of such on the fly decisions can include the re-assignment of orders to various drivers, any accidents or real-time scenarios can be captured, reported and resolved immediately while providing customers with the status of the orders to enhance the service levels. As you know, the uncertainty and risks are quite high during daily operations. LogaRout Watcher will allow you to anticipate the uncertainty and reduce the risk.

Web-Based Dispatching Panel
  • Real-time driver/order visualization

  • Order status feedback

  • Manual task assignment

  • Edit on-route tasks

  • Reoptimization on the route

  • Driver communication, e.g. push notification, text message

  • Passenger communication -  status update, e.g. email, text message

iOS/Android Driver Application
  • Turn by turn navigation

  • Route optimization with the real-time traffic

  • Proof of delivery

  • Driver engagement

  • Real-time communication - status update

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